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    Looking good Micho!))) What rims you have in mind as a next set?
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      Your TEs are for sale? Knockoffs? Size? Price?
      No build thread.
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        It's 2015! Thought it would be nice to update the thread despite little actual...updates.

        Purchased authentic ARC piping that replaces twin-turbo piping.

        Installed CF R32 N1 ducts supplied by Adam at Feast, excellent quality!
        I forgot to grab photos of them before I put them in though.

        Swapped out the Fujitsubo with a titanium one-off Japanese make exhaust.

        Luckily was able to snag some older HKS intercooler piping and discontinued ARC oil cooler.

        Random photos!

        2016 EDIT:

        Didn't drive the car at all last year, hoping to get it back on the road for this time around.

        HKS hard pipes in, stripped off the intercooler when I was installing the hard piping, both have seen better days.

        Stripped off the intercooler when I was installing the hard piping, it's seen better days.

        Snatched a one-off stainless front pipe, snugged it all up with some DEI titanium wrap.

        Also got around to making a bracket for the oil cooler, waiting on to put the lines in and Greddy oil block adapter.

        Ended up selling my old set of TE37's last year, and...picked another set 9.5J this time.
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          Looks super clean man, love the build up. Btw do you have a instagram by any chance?
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            Coming along nicely man! Choice parts.


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              Ive seen this car in person, you know guys all those mega show n shine (aka Driven, etc) - forget about it, you will never see such a clean car as this one, glad you slowly upgrading it Micho!

              Those last two pictures, are those the recent - recent front end? Assuming it is not a stock lip there? Any plans for a stock lip?
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                Poor boy update (07/24/2016):

                Wheels got replaced by a different set, 17x9.5 +12 with Dunlop DZ102's (255/40/17).

                Downpipe and oil cooler were both installed as well.
                Been hampered by an overheating issue for most of the summer so far...
                finally got to getting the Koyorad radiator + Nismo thermostat + Samco hoses in, stress f u c k i n g free.

                EDIT: 02/07/2017

                Nismo Solid Shifter and Works Bell Quick Release RAPFIX II came in.

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                  Update: 05-22-2017
                  Got around to putting the solid shift in, definitely a noticeable difference, a solid/sturdy feel through all the gears.
                  Does anyone even use the forums anymore?

                  Old guy...

                  New guy...

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                    Originally posted by Micho View Post
                    Does anyone even use the forums anymore?

                    Old guy...
                    Back in our day...

                    Glad to see you still have your GT-R!

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