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    I noticed that although the forum is full of alot of info, a newbie really has to search through alot of posts to find what some of us assume is quite simple info...especially about our individual setups.

    I nopticed that we do not have one of these:

    I was thinking that anyone who wanted to could COPY/PASTE the following template to use and we could get everyone's info in 1 place so that we could compare, or newbs could compare without alot of questions, other than perhaps PM's to those who they are interested in setups by ?

    Here's what I was thinking:
    MAP or MAF's:


    Last Dyno Update:

    I would assume that we all don't need Dyno sheets, as a 300-350 HP claim on stock turbos should be believeable, but to have sheets where applicable and ofcourse, as an option, but not manditory unless you are claiming 500 HP on stock turbos and s stock bottom

    MODs ? thoughts ? Sticky ?

    I will go first, feel free to add, but let's keep this clean and to the point (advice that I myself have a hard time with most of the


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    VEHICLE: 1989 Skyline GT-R
    MILEAGE: approx 116,000 KM
    INJECTORS: 750cc RC Engineering
    FUEL SYSTEM: oem pump etc.
    TURBO SETUP: oem twins
    MAP or MAF's: MAP Sensor
    INTAKE SETUP: oem Plenum w/ Greddy hard IC Pipeing and HKS Foam Dome Intakes.
    INTERCOOLER: after market larger intercooler.
    VALVETRAIN: oem cams, oem gears. all oem.
    HEAD WORK: none
    EXHAUST: 3.5" Veilside System w/Downpipe, Catback, NO CAT. OEM manifolds/dumps.
    BOOST LEVEL: 1 BAR (OEM Modulator w/Boost Restrictor removed) on Apexi EL Series 60mm Gauge.
    ECU SETUP: A'pexi Power FC D-Jetro
    CLUTCH: Twin Plate (unknown)
    DRIVETRAIN F/R: oem front diff, aftermarket 2-way rear diff

    DYNO: Mustang 2WD
    HP: 338.5 HP @ 6600 RPM
    TQ: 288.9 TQ @ 5300 RPM

    Last Dyno Update: April 6, 2008

    Dyno Sheet:


    July 13, 2008 Update:

    New ECU Installed (PowerFC D-Jetro w/FC Datalogit). First Dyno Session complete and LOW Boost Tuning (turned down boost from 1.05 BAR down to 0.6 BAR) w/MAP build from scratch.

    Car peaked out @ 300 WHP / 260 ft.lbs of TQ. Tuner pulled timing and richened it up a bit till next tuning session. End result, a SAFE 297 WHP 231 ft.lbs TQ on 0.6 BAR of Boost. Only lost 30 ft.lbs and 40 WHP with nearly 8 lbs LESS boost.

    Next session (late July 2008 Possibly) will be tune for 1.05 BAR of Boost.


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      VEHICLE: 1991 GT-R
      MILEAGE: 127xxx Kms on Chassis. ~5K on engine.
      OILING SYSTEM: Tomei Orifice, Tomei pan baffle, Greddy 16row w/relocate
      INJECTORS: 720cc Denso
      FUEL SYSTEM: Tomei 276L/h, Tomei FPR
      TURBO SETUP: Nismo GT/LeMans RR581
      MAP or MAF's: MAF
      INTAKE SETUP: Apexi Power intake, Z32 MAF, Greddy Hard pipe kit
      VALVETRAIN: OEM with Greddy adjustable gears
      HEAD WORK: 3 angle Valve job, resurface, opened exhaust ports
      EXHAUST: Mine's dumps, Nismo DP, 3" Jasma, 3 mufflers
      BOOST LEVEL: 1.4Kg/cm^2
      ECU SETUP: Apexi PFC
      CLUTCH: Nismo Twin Super Coppermix
      DRIVETRAIN F/R: ExtremeTSC, stock diffs.
      SPECIAL NOTES: 87.5mm bore, 88mm HG, 8.5:1CR

      HP: 532RWHP @ 6435
      TQ: 454 ft/Lbs @ 5787

      Last Dyno Update: Nov 21, 2007

      1998 Stagea AutechVersion 260RS
      1991 GTi-R "Angry White Ghost" - FOR SALE


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        Cool idea JD74.

        Wingnut's post should be an example to follow. Great work!

        Let's get a bunch more, keep chitchat to build threads, and we'll probably end up stickying this.


        VEHICLE: 1989 GT-R
        ENGINE: RB26DETT, 88mm bore, CR=8.7:1
        MILEAGE: 127xxx Kms
        OIL/WATER PUMP: Nismo/OEM
        OILING SYSTEM: Tomei Orifice, Tomei pan baffle, Greddy oil cooler and filter relocation
        INJECTORS: 600cc Nismo
        FUEL SYSTEM: Bosche 044 in-tank
        TURBO SETUP: twin GT2860R-5
        MAP or MAF's: MAP
        INTAKE SETUP: HKS hardpipes with Apexi Power intake
        INTERCOOLER: HKS aftermarket
        VALVETRAIN: JUN 264/264 9.7 mm lift - adjustable gears - Now degreed - intake was off 3, exhaust 10
        HEAD WORK: Intake mildly ported and left rough, exhaust opened up about 15% and polished, combustion chamber polished
        EXHAUST: HKS dumps, Tomei DP, 85 mm HKS Priest
        BOOST LEVEL: 1.2 bar = 17 psi - Blitz Dual SBC Type R
        ECU SETUP: ViPEC Speed Density
        CLUTCH: ORC series 700 twin
        COOLING: Greddy aluminum rad with electric fan

        Note linear torque increase from a respectable 150 ft.lbs @ 2500 to a slingshot-like 325 ft.lbs @4300 rpm, relatively flat plateau to about 6500 rpm and only modest drop in torque up to 7500. This is without any cam timing tweaks and with everything pretty darn warm.

        The car feels very alive on the road and willing to rev til you shift. :drive:

        Nice conservative tune intended to let me have a ton of fun without making rebuilds my hobby.
        HP: 390 RWHP
        TQ: 330

        Boost 17.5 psi
        HP: 525 AWHP
        Tq: 425

        I thought it was fast before....

        Updated dyno chart below. Torque comes on earlier, stronger, and falls off less. Power was still climbing at 7500 rpm where we quit.

        Old dyno chart for comparison.
        The Beaumont Connection


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          VEHICLE: 1992 GT-R
          ENGINE: RB26, bored 0.050" over
          MILEAGE: about 30,000 km
          OIL/WATER PUMP: N1/Stock
          OILING SYSTEM: Tomei Head restrictor, Tomei Baffle, ported drains in head
          INJECTORS: Stock
          FUEL SYSTEM: Stock, Pilot AFC
          TURBO SETUP: Stock, ported WG's and exhaust housings
          MAP or MAF's: Stock
          INTAKE SETUP: 2 HKS Super Power Flow filters
          INTERCOOLER: Stock, Diverter plate in "Twin Turbo" pipe
          VALVETRAIN: 5 angle valve job, stock otherwise
          HEAD WORK: Ported.
          EXHAUST: 3" w/ cutout (cutout was open)
          BOOST LEVEL: 0.75-0.8 bar
          ECU SETUP: Tomei chipped stock ECU
          CLUTCH: Nismo Twin Copper (red top)
          SPECIAL NOTES:
          went 12.2@114 or thereabouts on exactly this setup, same boost level
          went 11.5@116 on this setup at 1.6 bar

          HP: 331.4@6675RPM (0.75 bar)
          TQ:276.3@6025RPM (0.75 bar)

          Last Dyno Update: Mar 30 2008
          Last mods update: Apr 27 2009
          1992 GTR - 2.7L, GT2871R's, forged bottom end, big valves, 270* cams, R34 getrag
          2000 Honda Insight - 70+mpg daily driver
          2003 Sierra 2500HD Diesel - Tow vehicle


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            VEHICLE: 1991 GT-R
            ENGINE: RB26, bored .5 mm over
            MILEAGE: about 5000km since rebuild, 107 xxx total
            OIL/WATER PUMP: N1/N1
            OILING SYSTEM: Nismo Baffle, Tomei Restrictor
            INJECTORS: Sard 700cc
            FUEL SYSTEM: Tomei 276lph pump
            TURBO SETUP: Twin GT2860R-5
            MAP or MAF's: Stock MAFs
            INTAKE SETUP: Apexi power intakes
            INTERCOOLER: Stock
            VALVETRAIN: Stock as far as i know.
            HEAD WORK: Ported.
            EXHAUST: HKS Hi-Power Silent Cat back
            BOOST LEVEL: 20psi
            ECU SETUP: Stock
            CLUTCH: OS Giken Twin plate unsprung
            SPECIAL NOTES:

            DYNO: 460WHP at 7000rpm, 400lb/ft.. 20 psi
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              VEHICLE: S14
              ENGINE: r33 RB26dett 87mm. pistons
              MILEAGE: 0
              OIL/WATER PUMP: N1/N1
              OILING SYSTEM: tomei orifice/oil cooler
              INJECTORS: sard 800cc
              FUEL SYSTEM: tomei 255lph/stock rail/sard f.p.r.
              TURBO SETUP: stock turbo's (gt2530's in the futur)
              MAP or MAF's: map
              INTAKE SETUP: Greddy intake/HKS suction kit
              INTERCOOLER: Greddy Rspec 4rows/3in piping
              VALVETRAIN: Greddy cam gears/stock cams
              HEAD WORK: stock
              EXHAUST: stock helbows/custom 2.5in. downpipe/3in. exhaust
              BOOST LEVEL: stock for now/Power-fc boost controler
              ECU SETUP: Power-fc D-jetro
              CLUTCH: ORC twin plate unsprung
              COOLING: Greddy aluminum rad/12in. push fan x2/greddy ASP
              SPECIAL NOTES:

              DYNO: june 18(safe tune for break in) july for real tune
              HP: ?
              TQ: ?
              DrifterToyz Team

              AV FABRICATION (514) 885-2884
              TK RACE HEADS (514) 920-0094

              Runing me Broke RB power FTMFW !!!
              HELLAFLUSH offset is everything !!!


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                VEHICLE: BNR32
                OIL/WATER PUMP:Stock
                OILING SYSTEM:Greddy Oil filter relocation & 15row oil cooler
                INJECTORS:700cc Denso
                FUEL SYSTEM:HKS Fuel rail, Aeromotive A1000-6 FPR -10an/-6an lines, Bosch 044 fuel pump
                TURBO SETUP:GT4088R
                MAP or MAF's:MAP
                INTAKE SETUP:Custom, Single throttle body plenum, 100mm throttle body
                VALVETRAIN:Cam Gears, Tomie Procam Type-B
                HEAD WORK:Stock
                EXHAUST:Trust 4' exhaust, N1 muffler, Custom 4' downpipe, Full-Race exhaust manifold, twin 50mm turbonetics wastegates
                BOOST LEVEL:1.72 bar, pre mods
                ECU SETUP:Haltec E11V2
                DRIVETRAIN F/R:Stock, TSC Grid Dancer
                SPECIAL NOTES:
                Car is in peices but this is what is on the car so far, many more mods not listed that are "stock" but are waiting too go into the car.

                DYNO: Date set when car is back together
                HP:Previouse 450.2, update when together

                Last Dyno Update:


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                  Should add interour and exterior mods, drive train, wheels, lights suspension etc.


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                    Originally posted by hks_gtr View Post
                    Should add interour and exterior mods, drive train, wheels, lights suspension etc.
                    The thread title is engine mods. It would make some sense to add power train, because that's part of how the power gets to the road. Suspension would also fit that category. Let's keep focussed on power train with suspension details.

                    The main reason not to get into non-performance mod description is to keep the thread clean.

                    The Beaumont Connection


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                      VEHICLE: BNR32
                      BOTTOM END: Wiseco 87mm slugs, Pauter X-beam rods modified to fit SR20 rod bearings(19mm wide vs. 17mm wide for RB26)
                      OIL/WATER PUMP:NISMO/N1, respectively
                      OILING SYSTEM:Grex Oil filter relocation/oil cooler, Tomei oil restrictor, Nismo sump baffle, Accusump to come
                      INJECTORS:800cc SARD
                      FUEL SYSTEM:SARD Fuel rail, 280Lph pump, regulator
                      TURBO SETUP:GT2860R -5 x2
                      MAP or MAF's: Z32 MAFs
                      INTAKE SETUP:GReddy manifold, APEX'i Super Suction kit
                      INTERCOOLER:HKS Type R with piping
                      VALVETRAIN: HKS timing belt, GReddy Cam Gears, Tomei Procams 260degx10.25mm, Tomei lifter buckets, Tomei type-B valvesprings, XS engineering valve guides, all new OEM valves
                      HEAD WORK:no porting/polishing, Tomei 1.2mm head gasket
                      EXHAUST: SS manifolds and turbo dumps, APEX'i downpipe, test pipe, 80mm cat-back(brand unknown)
                      BOOST LEVEL:tbd, engine still on break-in (wastegate pressure)
                      ECU SETUP: Power FC L-Jetro
                      CLUTCH:ORC 709D twin plate, nismo pivot
                      DRIVETRAIN F/R:Nismo front LSD
                      SPECIAL NOTES: ATI Race Damper, JUN collar on early crank. I promise to Update with dyno numbers when I get some boost control happenin'.

                      Update: Power Fc Boost control got installed, set the cams at +6 intake, -4 Exhaust. Made 415rwhp at 12psi 91 octane. Plugs are BKR7EIX gapped at 0.8mm
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                        VEHICLE: BNR32
                        MILEAGE: Body - 180000~ Engine - 40000~
                        BOTTOM END: Stock R33
                        OIL/WATER PUMP: Stock R33
                        OILING SYSTEM: Stock R33 with Trust Oil Cooler kit
                        INJECTORS:880cc Precision
                        FUEL SYSTEM:SARD Fuel rail, Aeromotive A1000 fuel pump, Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator
                        TURBO SETUP: Brand New GT2863RS x2
                        MAP or MAF's: 3BAR MAP
                        INTAKE SETUP: Stock R33 with Velocity stacks (or whatever you want to call them)
                        INTERCOOLER:Greddy Trust 4 Core, Custom 3" piping
                        VALVETRAIN: Stock R33
                        HEAD WORK: Stock R33
                        EXHAUST: Custom Externally Gated Manifolds log style with Turbosmart Ultragate 38 x2, Apex'i Evo N1 catback exhaust system
                        Blow Off Valves: Blitz Dual Valve BOV x2
                        BOOST LEVEL: 17lbs at the moment.
                        ECU SETUP: AEM EMS, Fully tuned by KVR Performance
                        CLUTCH: Bully Performance Clutch Stage 6
                        DRIVETRAIN F/R: Stock
                        Suspension: Tein Super Streets
                        Chassis: Nismo Control arms and a bunch of other nismo stuff i cant remember the names of the parts :hit_head:
                        Special Notes: A/C has been removed (sometimes wish it hadent though)

                        - Gutted interior, no backseat, no soundproofing.
                        - Bride adjustable bucket racing seats with Carbon Kevlar backing Low Max Series x2
                        - Momo Jet Steering wheel
                        - Momo GTR shift knob
                        - Tomei Speedometer with 310km/h reading

                        Body: Stock
                        Color: Dark Blue factory paint i have the color code on the door if you want it
                        Rims: Volk GT-N Gold spokes 9" fronts and 10" rears
                        Tires: Falken Azenis

                        Dyno reading on a Mustang Dyno - 472HP
                        A little low but this was on stock Intercooler and Stock Fuel setup, before the new TRUST Intercooler and fuel setup was in the car, new Dyno reading will be probably this Monday or Tuesday, will keep update with new numbers and a dynosheet if you guys want to see the lines.
                        Check out my RB30 build at


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                          VEHICLE: 1991 Skyline GT-R
                          ENGINE: RB26DETT
                          MILEAGE: 147xxx
                          OIL/WATER PUMP: stoc/N1
                          OILING SYSTEM: stock
                          INJECTORS: RC 660cc's
                          FUEL SYSTEM:Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator
                          TURBO SETUP: Garrett GT2860r-5's
                          MAP or MAF's: MAP
                          INTAKE SETUP: apex'i power intakes
                          INTERCOOLER: blitz intercooler
                          VALVETRAIN: stock
                          HEAD WORK: stock
                          EXHAUST: apex'i 3" downpipe
                          BOOST LEVEL: 1.5 bar
                          ECU SETUP: haltec e11v2
                          CLUTCH: exedy twin plate
                          DRIVETRAIN F/R: stock
                          SUSPENSION: megan racing coilovers
                          SPECIAL NOTES:car isnt together yet so still waiting to get it finished and broken in so it can go on the dyno
                          INTERIOR: stock
                          EXTERIOR:stock body with megan racing carbon fiber GT wing, gunmetal gray, R33 17x9 5 spokes

                          DYNO: no numbers yet...
                          HP: old was 336
                          TQ: old was 308

                          そう面倒 ...
                          *91 GT-R FOR SALE $10,000 FIRM
                          (tell your friends!) lol


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                            VEHICLE: 1991 Skyline GT-R
                            ENGINE: RB26DETT
                            MILEAGE: 120xxx
                            OIL/WATER PUMP: stock
                            OILING SYSTEM: stock
                            INJECTORS: stock (soon to be RC 750s)
                            FUEL SYSTEM:stock (soon to be walboro pump and nismo FPR)
                            TURBO SETUP: stock (need to install my Nismo RS580's)
                            MAP or MAF's: stock MAFs
                            INTAKE SETUP: apex'i power intakes
                            INTERCOOLER: stock
                            VALVETRAIN: stock
                            HEAD WORK: stock
                            EXHAUST: turbo back, unknown brand removed cat
                            BOOST LEVEL: 1.0 bar Greddy Profec controller.
                            ECU SETUP: currently YMS reflashed stock, soon to be PFC L-Jetro
                            CLUTCH: nismo twin disc coppermix
                            DRIVETRAIN F/R: stock
                            SUSPENSION: JIC coils, cusco; torsion rods, RUCA's, and strut bars Nismo RLCA's, Do-Luck cross brace
                            SPECIAL NOTES:
                            INTERIOR: bunches of stuff mainly nismo/Greddy guages
                            EXTERIOR:Gracer front bumper, (enroute) Nismo LMGT4's 18x9.5+12

                            DYNO: was 317awhp and 256 awtq. shooting for 400hp this year.


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                              VEHICLE:BNR32 1990
                              ENGINE:RB26DETT stroked HKS 2.8L (2795cc)with new N1 block
                              MILEAGE:110,000km on body and 5,000km on motor
                              OIL/WATER PUMP:both N1 with ATI race damper
                              OILING SYSTEM:Greddy 13 row cooler
                              INJECTORS:1000cc RC engineering
                              FUEL SYSTEM: only a tomei 280lph
                              TURBO SETUP: twin gt2860-5 , stock manifolds ported and wraped, HKS dump pipes
                              MAP or MAF's: apexi MAP sensors
                              INTAKE SETUP: twin custom intakes, HKS filters pods, Nismo intake plenum
                              INTERCOOLER: HKS 100mm x 600mm x 300mm, HKS hard piping, OEM Y pipe upgraded (PM me if you want to know more about;-) )
                              VALVETRAIN: Greddy easy cams set 264 deg.
                              HEAD WORK:squirt area removed(4cc + per cylinder), ported
                              EXHAUST:Greddy mx downpipe, catless, HKS 4" exhaust
                              BOOST LEVEL:21 psi
                              ECU SETUP:Apexi PowerFC D-Jetro with datalogit
                              CLUTCH: OS Giken R3C
                              DRIVETRAIN F/R:Nismo GT rear diff., PPG 1-4 DOG gearset
                              SPECIAL NOTES: 94 octane, 32 C outside with 75% humidity!!

                              DYNO:Almassi Tuning (Delson, Quebec)
                              HP:632WHP (740hp estimated at flywheel)
                              TQ:589 lb/ft
                              ran 10.46@135mph , 1.4sec 0-60ft

                              Last Dyno Update:

                              755whp @ 29psi
                              9.46 @ 146mph
                              91 Shell pump gas