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    VEHICLE: '89 BRN32
    ENGINE: RB26DETT Wiseco 86.5, Carillo rods
    MILEAGE: 110,000 on body, 0 on engine yet
    OILING SYSTEM: Stock, oil cooler to come
    INJECTORS: Deatschwerks 750 cc
    FUEL SYSTEM: Tomei FPR + rail, SS lines from filter to return
    TURBO SETUP: -5s
    MAP or MAF's: MAP
    INTAKE SETUP: Custom intake w/Apexi filters, Nismo collector (tt pipe) and intercooler hard piping
    VALVETRAIN: Tomei Poncam Type B
    HEAD WORK: New oil seals and freshening
    EXHAUST: Tomei knockoff manifolds (buyer beware!), HPI dumps, Apexi N1 downpipe, de-cat, 4" Apexi catback
    BOOST LEVEL: 19 psi
    ECU SETUP: Haltech Platinum PnP
    CLUTCH: ORC Twin plate
    DRIVETRAIN F/R: New OEM tranny
    SPECIAL NOTES: Injectors at 95%, not sure why. More power to come.

    HP: 489 whp
    TQ: 407 ft/lbs


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      Awesome setup I'm planning to do pretty much the same thing. How come your power band flattens out between 5 and 5500 ish? Is this just wher the second turbo kicks in? (excuse my ignorance)


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        That would only happen if he was running a sequential setup


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          VEHICLE: 91 BNR32 Gt-r
          ENGINE: RB26DETT
          MILEAGE: 60,000 on body, 2,000 on my first time rebuilding (second time the engine has been redone, now it is ripped apart again for a third rebuild becuase of a floated valve)
          OIL/WATER PUMP: HKS oil pump, stock water pump
          OILING SYSTEM: Greddy oil block adapter, Greddy oil cooler, Nismo Oil cooler, Extended collar on Jun Crank, Tomei oil pan baffle, Custom tap into head oil gallery with drain back to pan.
          INJECTORS: 650ish cc Denso
          FUEL SYSTEM: Nismo fuel pump, Greddy regulator, Greddy fuel rail
          TURBO SETUP: Nismo street (RS580) on original rebuild, New -5s on current rebuild
          MAP or MAF's: MAP
          INTAKE SETUP: HKS filters with MAFs(not using) and custom piping
          VALVETRAIN: BEFORE: supertech valve and guides, HKS cams.
          NOW: Full Ferrea valvetrain with Tomei Cams and gears
          HEAD WORK: Stage 2 port on current rebuild (Lightspeed Innovations port job)
          EXHAUST: Tomei Expreme manifolds, dumps, greddy downpipes, gutted cat, Fujitsubu 3.5" cat back
          BOOST LEVEL: 18 psi
          ECU SETUP: Vipec V44
          CLUTCH: OS Giken triple plate
          DRIVETRAIN F/R: Route 6 5 spd cross mission gearset
          SPECIAL NOTES:Tuned at Lightspeed Innovations (last build)

          HP: 457RWHP
          TQ: 385RTQ


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            you cant just mix and match,certain sizes, designs and materials for parts give better results and respond better in unison together.
            Double track drift, yo.

            (oo sκylιnε oo)


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              VEHICLE: BCNR33
              ENGINE: RB26DETT .5mm overbore, CP pistons, ACL main and conrod bearings, ARP head and conrod studs, cometic metal headgasket
              MILEAGE: 68000km car 0km engine
              OIL/WATER PUMP: stock water, stock oil with reimax gears
              OILING SYSTEM: stock
              INJECTORS: 660cc denso
              FUEL SYSTEM: undecided
              TURBO SETUP: 2x HKS gt2510s
              MAP or MAF's: n/a
              INTAKE SETUP: HKS hard pipe, shitty HKS mushroom filters
              INTERCOOLER: stock
              VALVETRAIN: stock with TODA power adjustable gears, TOMEI timing belt
              HEAD WORK: stock
              EXHAUST: kakimoto, no cat, unidentifiable downpipes but certainly not stock
              BOOST LEVEL:
              DRIVETRAIN F/R: unsure, might have lsd, FIELD ETS electronic torque split controller
              SPECIAL NOTES: waiting on tune and rebuild (parts)


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                VEHICLE:1993 r32 gtr
                OIL/WATER PUMP:stock
                OILING SYSTEM:stock
                FUEL SYSTEM:stock
                TURBO SETUP:stock
                MAP or MAF's:stock
                INTAKE SETUP:blitz cone filters
                HEAD WORK:na
                EXHAUST:kakimoto 3.5 inch turbo back no cat jun dump pipe
                BOOST LEVEL:14.5
                ECU SETUP:custom tune by rstuning on stock ecu
                CLUTCH:exedy twin plate I was told from seller
                DRIVETRAIN F/R:stock
                SPECIAL NOTES:

                HP:358.1 rwhp
                TQ:350 at around 3700 rpm
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                  VEHICLE: BNR32 GT-R
                  ENGINE: RB26DETT (stock bore/internals)
                  MILEAGE: 150,xxxkm
                  OIL/WATER PUMP: N1 water pump, stock oil pump
                  OILING SYSTEM: stock
                  INJECTORS: 800cc deatschwerks
                  FUEL SYSTEM: 15 gal fuel cell, 2 liter swirl tank, 1 low press pump, 1 044 bosch external pump, stock fuel rail, Sard FPR
                  TURBO SETUP: 2x Nismo (14411-06U00)
                  MAP or MAF's: MAP
                  INTAKE SETUP: Divided "twin turbo" pipe, HKS mushroom filters
                  INTERCOOLER: stock
                  VALVETRAIN: stock
                  HEAD WORK: 5 thou skim, factory valve lash, metal head gasket, new oil seals and refreshed.
                  EXHAUST: 3" turbo elbows, 3.5" side exit exhaust (no cat/res/muffler)
                  BOOST LEVEL: Low boost : 12psi Hi boost : 16psi
                  ECU SETUP: Apexi Power FC D-jetro, Denso MAP sensors, Apexi AVC-R boost controller.
                  CLUTCH: OSG Twin plate
                  DRIVETRAIN F/R: stock
                  Cooling: 3" JVTR rad, 2x mishimoto fans+ shroud, 10 row custom oil cooler
                  SPECIAL NOTES: Car has not been started since build, plan to have it running this week and tuned not to long after. Will update with dyno numbers and updated parts!

                  HP: N/A
                  TQ: N/A
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                    VEHICLE: 1992 BNR32
                    ENGINE: RB26DET
                    MILEAGE: 130xxxkms
                    OIL/WATER PUMP: OEM/Tomei
                    OILING SYSTEM: OEM
                    INJECTORS: 750cc Delphi(?)
                    FUEL SYSTEM: Walbro 255 FP / OEM Rail and FPR
                    TURBO SETUP: 70mm .96A/R Godspeed Single Turbo, 50mm WG, Dual Blitz BOV
                    MAP or MAF's: MAP
                    INTAKE SETUP: OEM (AAC Delete)
                    INTERCOOLER: OEM with hardpiping
                    VALVETRAIN: OEM
                    HEAD WORK: None
                    EXHAUST: CX Racing Single Turbo manifold, 3" custom made straight exhaust with straight through muffler.
                    BOOST LEVEL: 15.5PSI
                    ECU SETUP:Haltech PnP
                    CLUTCH: Unknown A/M
                    DRIVETRAIN F/R: OEM
                    COOLING: Godspeed 58mm Aluminum Rad and dual 12" electric slim fans
                    IGNITION: Yellow Jacket Coils, NGK Iridium plugs, Coil Cover Delete, WHS Coil Harness
                    SPECIAL NOTES:

                    DYNO: Raven Autosports Mustang Dyno
                    HP: 285hp
                    TQ: 220tq

                    Last Dyno Update: 2014-09-22
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                    1992 BNR32 Skyline
                    285hp / 220tq @ 15.5PSI On Mustang Dyno 2014-09-22

                    Current Build:
                    Precision 6264 Turbo 1.00A/R
                    Tomei PonCam Type B
                    Manley Titanium Valvetrain
                    CP Pistons / Manley Rods
                    Supertec Spline Drive Oil Gears/Drive
                    N1 water pump / N1 Oil Pump
                    Haltech Platnium Pro
                    AEM Water/Menthanol
                    Tomei FPR
                    Exedy Hyper Twin Clutch

                    May 9th, 2015 made 408whp @ 9PSI

                    Build Thread


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                      VEHICLE: 1990 Skyline GT-R
                      ENGINE: R32 RB26DETT Wiseco 86.5 w/Eagle Rods
                      MILEAGE: approx 133,000 Body, 42,000 since rebuild.
                      OIL/WATER PUMP: N1
                      OILING SYSTEM: Greddy oil block adapter, Earls 18 row oil cooler, Extended crank collar
                      INJECTORS: 1000cc RC Engineering
                      FUEL SYSTEM: Tomei pump, w/HKS rail, and areomotive FPR
                      TURBO SETUP: Borg Warner 64mm s300sx, Twin Tial 38mm wastegates, Tial Q BOV
                      MAP or MAF's: 3.5 bar MAP Sensor
                      INTAKE SETUP: oem Plenum w/ custom 3" piping
                      INTERCOOLER: Trust 3.5" core
                      VALVETRAIN: Tomei Pon B cams, Tomei gears.
                      HEAD WORK: none, oem head gasket.
                      EXHAUST: 6 boost manifold, 4" Apexi GT Spec Catback, w/ Custom Downpipe, NO CAT.
                      BOOST LEVEL: 20psi on Greddy profec B
                      ECU SETUP: Haltech Platinum Pro
                      CLUTCH: ACT single 6 puck unspring
                      DRIVETRAIN F/R: oem
                      COOLING: Koyo Rad
                      IGNITION: LS2 coil conversion
                      SPECIAL NOTES: Dyno run clutch slipped between 6,500-7,000 and stock ignitor failed. Since last Dyno ls2 coilpacks installed

                      DYNO: Raven Autosports Mustang Dyno
                      HP: 487 HP @ 6600 RPM
                      TQ: 371 TQ @ 5300 RPM

                      Last Dyno Update: Sept, 2014

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                        Click link for pic of AFR, Boost, hp, torque
                        VEHICLE: 1993 240sx couoe
                        ENGINE: 1992 rb26dett
                        OIL/WATER PUMP:stock
                        OILING SYSTEM:stock with 9 row oil cooler
                        FUEL SYSTEM:walbro 255
                        TURBO SETUP:stock
                        MAP or MAF's:stock
                        INTAKE SETUP:M's intake with k&n pods
                        HEAD WORK:stock
                        EXHAUST:Mckinney downpipe, cat delete 3" cat back
                        BOOST LEVEL:11.4
                        ECU SETUP:stock
                        DRIVETRAIN F/R:rear
                        SPECIAL NOTES:

                        DYNO:lightspeeds dynapak
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