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The gasoline problem.

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    yea i get the same thing. fuel rich exhaust gases+hot cat= lots of pops. I've always thought it sounds pretty badass but I think id rather have my car tuned a bit leaner for performance sake. I really wanna go no cat/no resonator and see some flames! For track use only of course....


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      diy octane booster on the cheap .....

      + wikipedia alcohol fuel info
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        Originally posted by Dragon Humper View Post
        Acetone (nail polish remover) reduces the surface tension of the fuel droplets and makes them easier to remain a mist and burn. I have played with it for about 2 years and have found that I do get a small increase in milage but not enough to justify ruining my paint with a spill (it's nasty stuff).

        It's not so bad if you mix it in with your home-made Octane booster. The diluted Acetone won't ruin your paint, just yellow it if you have a spill and not clean it up right away (don't rub, you'll pull the bloody paint right off).

        As far as Ethanol, it's awesome stuff. All the info you see claiming it will ruin your engine, make your tank leak, bla...bla....bla, is all crap! My guess is it was missinfo. being spread 10 years ago by the big oil comp. before the US and Can. gov. started to force the oil companies to put it in there gas. Any car (JDM included) built after 1987 will run it with no issues to lines, pump, guage, etc..

        Ethanol does have less heat energy than gas but with propper tuning will only get 12 to 15% less milage than gas (not the 25% that the stioch ratio would suggest). The truth is this fuel is VERY det. resistant and you can get quite aggressive with timing curves to make the engine more efficient (Cam timing as well). I ran my GLH on Mohawk 94 (10% eth.) for the entire 2 years I had it. I also ran a home brew Octane booster of Tolulene, Kerosene and Acetone (1 litre per tank). This was enough to run 15lbs of unintercooled boost for the entire 2 years with no problems (2.2l with 8.5 to 1 comp.). E85? Can you say 30lbs of boost with no high dollar race fuel.

        Originally posted by mikey View Post
        so it's actually a good idea to run octane booster if you can only get 91 octane?

        which ones are the best bang for the buck?

        In preparation for buying a R33 gtst I've been doing a lot of reading on the fuel issue and octane boosters.

        I've read that octane boosters are mostly Tolulene. So people have stated the best bang for the buck is to go to a paint or hardware store and just buy a jug of Tolulene. Keep the jug handy and just add some at each fill up.

        Fact or fiction?