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R32 GTR Fluid compartment list

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  • R32 GTR Fluid compartment list

    Well I did a little bit of searching and I couldn't find a complete list anywhere of all the different fluid compartments so I think we should get one going here with all compartments and reccomended fluids. - please correct me if I am wrong on anything or if I left anything out and I will edit this post accordingly.

    1. Crank case - (engine oil)

    2. Radiator - (coolant)

    3. Brake Fluid - (ATE racing Blue or best DOT)

    4. Transmission - (Royal Purple MAXGEAR 75W90 or AMSoil 75W90 or Redline Shockproof heavy MTL)

    5. Front Differential - (Royal Purple MAXGEAR 85W90)

    6. Rear Differential - (Royal Purple MAXGEAR 80W90)

    7. Transfer Case - (Royal Purple MAX ATF)

    8. Atessa AWD fluid - (Nissan Power Steering Fluid or dextron 3)

    9. Power Steering fluid

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    the FSM reccomends 80W90 in the rear diff and 85W90 in the front, i see no mention of power steering fluid either.


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      cool thanks man.. anything else you can think of?
      what fluid goes in the attessa ressivour? And where the heck is that lol?


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        Clutch fluid.

        regular brake fluids work.


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          ATESSA Reservoir - Nissan Power Steering Fluid.

          Brake Fluid - Best DOT4 you can get, I'm switching to ATE racing Blue on GTR-Dad's recommendation!

          Power Steering - I've read that you should use only NISSAN PS fluid, but I've used the regular stuff.

          Tranny - Heavy Shockproof. I'm running AMSoil 75W90 and it still grinds fourth sometimes...
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            I use ford PS fluid on recommendation of some aussies. Never saw any difference. Got rid of it before i ever had an opportunity to push ps/hicas hard.


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              the atessa resivoir in the rear of the car takes power steering fluid. Its for the actuation of the 4wd clutch system, runs of an electric hydraulic pump above the rear diff. The actuator is on the tail of the tranny below the driveshaft yoke.
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                the 4WD fluid is nissan matic D atf fluid... however i think i recal reading that it is the same specification as dexron III. its the matic J stuff thats different.

                As for the power steering fluid it recomends nissas special ps fluid... its still red so its not synthetic and i believe it should be interchangeable with other fluids?


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                  I was told that all nissans before 2000ish (forgot exact year) use atf fluid for ps


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                    we use dextron 3 for ATTESA systems

                    ATTESA bleeding, idiots guide:

                    gearbox oil change guide:

                    clutch bleed guide:
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                      Redline Shockproof Heavy for the manual trans FTW


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                        Thanks for the guide links funky monkey.
                        If you find any more oil guides postem up

                        Also what kind of oil filters do you guys run?
                        part # if you have it?


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                          Originally posted by Mr. Anderson View Post
                          Thanks for the guide links funky monkey.
                          If you find any more oil guides postem up

                          Also what kind of oil filters do you guys run?
                          part # if you have it?

                          I jsut bought some PE power mag filter 03a supposedly rated best filter amongst japanese tuner test, I also run 1990 300 TT wix oil filters best element compared to the fram garbage.


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                            Thought we already had a sticky fluid list, but couldn't find it. Ran across this and thought it should be stickied.

                            If information is duplicated somewhere else, post the link here and I'll merge the threads.

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                              other than the Royal Paper Maxgear. what is everyone running in their front and rear differential, results? If i'm going to only change this stuff every couple of years i want to make sure it's some good stuff.

                              Most stuff i find is 75w-90, or 80w-90 at best.
                              has anyone came accross an actual 85w-90?

                              how about Motul PA90?