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Wheel fitment thread.

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  • Originally posted by Nismo_line View Post
    i took my clips out to hold the liner in. then tucked the liner up inside the fender lip that was rolled up. still rubs on very big bumps but thats about it.
    Oh, sounds quite simple. Does it seem to hold well there or will it possibly fall off/out?
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    1991 Skyline GTS-t 4 Door


    • no its up there really good. didnt budge all last summer
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      • Car: 95 R33 GTST
        Want to run a staggered 18" wheels. Even though everyone has negative views of Rotas, I've been using their wheels for over 15 years and never had an issue. I've had my eye on the Grid's for some time now. sells their wheels but they call them the Rota Grid Drift. Looking at the widths and off-sets available, I've decieded on 18x9.5 front and 18x10 rear. I already have 18x9 BBS w/ advan 245/45 on right now but I want the staggered deep dish look with meaty tires. I'm not into stretching sidewalls. My personal preference is to have the sidewall flat with the rim. So I'm having trouble figuring off-sets and tire sizes. All fenders are rolled and my suspension is 100% adjustable. Car is rolling into paint in the next few days so these pics are not exactly doing the car justice since it'll be lowered more. We raised it up just to make it easier to put it on and off the lift. Any suggestions?
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        • Got a R32 GTS-T and i'm wondering what the ideal offset would be if I want to fit 235/45/17 in front and 255/45/17 in rear. If it can be done without rolling fenders it would be a bonus, but i'm not against doing that.

          Most of the people fitting tires like that seem to have LMGT2 (+35 front +38 rear on 17x8/x17x9) and fit 255/40 in rear and i'm looking to see if there is an offset that would be better.

          Trying to fit max tire within reason. Going to be autocrossing so not looking for stretch or anything like that.


          • Factory offset is +40, if I'm not mistaken. Isn't everyone kind of throwing handling out the window by going with offsets other than this? I've seen people running 10" wide tires with really small offsets, like +10 or +12. Wide tires are awesome and all, but don't you want to keep the center of the tires where Nissans suspension engineers put them?
            92 GTS-4


            • Wheel fitment thread.

              96 R33 GTS25t
              -Staggered set up.
              -Lowered 1" on NPG coilovers
              -SSR integral GT1 18"
              -NO fender roll

              Front: 235/40R18

              Rear: 265/35R18

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              • Hey does anyone have any idea what size of wheels are on these setups?

                Ive been searching around on threads but cant seem to find much info. My main concern is clearing the brakes. Let the haters hate but I love this look. They are cheap and can take a beating.


                • probably 245 tires.. and a 9 inch wheel with +20 to 30 offset
                  - Adam



                  • Thanks for the reply, you dont think they are a bit more aggressive than that?
                    I was leaning towards 16x10 0 offset. What are your thoughts?


                    • Quick update, i lowered my rear end more and now im tucking tire.

                      setup is same as before

                      17x9+42 with 245/40/17

                      not crazy offset but it fits with room to spare.

                      for reference, my rear fenders are rolled but not pulled

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                      1991 Skyline GTS-t 4 Door


                      • New rim setup for my R32 GTS-T : Work VS-XX 18 x 10 +20 rear
                        18 x 9.5 +19 front w/ 4 mm spacer so +15
                        Tires are 215/40 front and 235/40 rear.

                        For the front a roll was necessary for the look I was going for but I also pulled them out a little.
                        For the rear a roll and a slight pull was needed.
                        and as it sits theres still room to go lower, especially in the front. Camber specs are unknown at this time, need an alignment!

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                        My R32 GTS-T 'Swagger Wagon' Build :


                        • Wheels are 17x9.5 up front with a +17 offset Federal 595 tires 215/45/17

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